Sinag-tala 2016: A Theatrical Revue

Sinag-tala 2016 Poster
Sinag-tala 2016: A Theatrical Revue Poster

This year’s Revue begins with a tribute to the spirit of the people of the Philippines in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of The People Power Revolution on EDSA in 1986. Throughout the show, the culmination of our 12-week training comes to a peak with our children, teens and adults bringing you songs and dances that weave our Filipino Indigenous Culture, our belief in the stronghold of our families, and love of traditional Filipino dances.

This year, we can’t wait to share with our audience the recognition and inspiration of popular music created and performed by Filipino-American Musical Artists of the 1990s.

Following tradition, the show concludes with a Christmas segment featuring Filipino Christmas carols.