Our Projects

Sinag-tala: A Theatrical Revue

The culmination of a 12-week, free hands-on training in artistic, technical and business aspects of theater and performing arts for individuals of all ages who have little or no experience or training in the arts.


We provide a free 12-week program in which participants from the age of four years on up, including teens and adults (we strongly encourage parents and grandparents to join also) attend workshops and rehearsals to study the works of Filipino musical, choreographic, literary and cultural artists. This culminates in a full-fledged production called Sinag-tala: A Theatrical Revue, which is celebrating its 27th Anniversary this year.

Auditions, Workshops and Rehearsals

Workshops and rehearsals will begin in late August and will be conducted mainly in our studio at 4200 82nd Street, Suite E, Sacramento 95826. Technical rehearsals will run from December 3 through December 8 . The Theatrical Revue will be presented on December 9, 10 and 11.

Mandatory singing auditions will be held and no prior experience or training is required. Appointments are not necessary. Applicants must be prepared to sing any song of their choice. No musical accompaniment is necessary, but applicants may bring accompaniment recorded on a CD, or an instrumentalist. Our auditions are very applicant-friendly and not designed to weed out anyone. We accept everyone into our training program regardless of skill level. During the auditions, we evaluate applicants to see how they best fit into the program and what training areas may need emphasis.

The training covers many basic aspects of the theater and performing arts, including but not limited to stage directions, Philippine phonetics, ensemble discipline, stagecraft, Filipino American history, theater terminology,stage movement, vocal projection, etc. The amount of time required for training and rehearsals depends on how many numbers each applicant is assigned to learn and perform for the Theatrical Revue. The minimum commitment is 3 numbers but most participants voluntarily appear in 7 or more.

During the first 4 weeks of training, each participant can expect to spend 2 to 3 hours per week in the studio. As the program progresses, the rehearsals become more intensive. During tech week (the week prior to opening night) rehearsals generally run as late as 10:30PM. Weeknight rehearsals usually begin at 7PM; Saturday and Sunday rehearsals usually begin at 1:30PM. The children’s rehearsals are usually the earliest in the evening or day. When rehearsals are expected to run late, we make the effort to finish working with the younger performers as early in the evening as possible. In addition, we make reasonable accommodations for special circumstances such as family emergencies, school exams and project deadlines, vacations, family obligations, etc.

Parent and Family Involvement

Other than a materials fee of $5 per applicant ($10 per family) to cover training materials, the rest of the training is free because our teaching artists donate their time. However, because the training is free we require parents and family members to actively support fundraising activities, serve as production volunteers, solicit souvenir program ads, sell tickets, etc. Volunteer support enables us to continue providing services and pay our bills. Other theater companies, on the other hand, charge their participants hundreds if not more for similar training.

Benefits of Participation

We are the only Filipino community-based theater and performing arts company of its kind in Northern California. We fill a longstanding void in nonprofit arts programming in this region’s Filipino community. Participants learn not only about the arts but specifically about the works of Filipino composers, dance artists, writers and cultural practitioners. Although the time commitment is considerable, so is the nature and quality of the experience, particularly for young people since the learning experiences we offer are not duplicated in ordinary schools or even in most homes, Filipino or not. If nothing else, children develop self-confidence and an appreciation for working with others. And it’s all free.

Sinag-tala Touring Ensemble

Performing in various events in Sacramento County and the surrounding areas, notable the Pacific Rim Festival and the California State Fair.

These activities of the Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association are funded in part by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission’s Cultural Arts Awards Program, with support from the City and County of Sacramento; Asian Pacific Rim Foundation; Verizon Foundation; Kaiser Permanente Foundation; and United CA State Employees Charitable Campaign. In-kind support from Herburger Publications, Inc. and Philippine and Other Asian Headlines.